2014 and Book-to-Movies

Catching Fire was, to me, undoubtedly the best book-to-movie adaptation of 2013. Excellent acting (again! Thank you, Jennifer Lawrence), accurate casting, and a script that actually used lines from the book made it my favourite movie altogether from last year. And then there was the disappointment that is The Desolation of Smaug (why, Peter Jackson? WHY?). 2014 has several promising book-to-movies, and here are the ones I’m most excited for!

url The Maze Runner – 19th September 2014

Ah, The Maze Runner! A bestselling trilogy by James Dashner, this book undoubtedly ranks in my favourite ever YA dystopian. Move over, Matched and The SelectionThe Maze Runner‘s dystopia is legit, horrifying, and with more depth than you’d imagine from a cast of characters who are mostly kids. Reminiscent of Michael Grant’s Gone series (which I love like I’d love a firstborn child), The Maze Runner books leave you hollow when you finish, and are sure to steal away hours of sleep. But you know, they’re great books, so it’s worth it.

The movie not only has a cast of really promising actors (Dylan O’Brien! Kaya Scodelario! Thomas Brodie-Sangster!), but it has a great preview and a great author. You can be sure I’ll watch this movie the very day it releases.


tt1686821Vampire Academy – 14th February 2014

I’m excited out of my mind for this one. Based on the bestselling six-book series by Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy follows dhampir (sort of a hybrid between a vampire and a human) Rose Hathaway and her best friend Lissa Dragomir, a Moroi (a living, non-evil vampire). Rose and Lissa return to their school after years of being on the run, and a lot of drama ensues. A lot. The high-school-drama vibe reduces as the series progresses, though, and a more serious plot-line emerges. But as the movie is based only on the first book, it really looks like it’ll be full of fun. The previews (which I have watched so many times that I know what background music is in each of them) are stuffed with action and Rose’s hilarious one-liners. Zoey Deutch, the actress who plays Rose, looks like she was a great fit, and the rest of the cast looks great as well! Also – so many puns in those previews. I love it! Really can’t wait for this one.


tt2582846The Fault in Our Stars – 6th June 2014

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably would’ve heard of John Green’s bestselling cancer-romance story, The Fault in Our Stars. This book is wonderful, filled with sob-worthy morgue humour and John Green’s trademark witty teenagers. The story follows Hazel Grace, a lung cancer patient who was lucky enough to have a little miracle that kept her alive for longer. When Hazel meets Augustus Waters at her cancer support group, the two fall in love and dO A LOT OF CUTE THINGS.

I’m sorry. This book makes me really emotional.

Another Shailene Woodley starrer, The Fault in Our Stars is definitely a movie to watch out for.


Other movie adaptations for the year are Mockingjay – Part 1 come this November, Divergent in March, and, apparently, Fallen in August.

Fallen?! Really?! I’m sorry, my contempt for that book is a living, breathing thing. You know the one, by Lauren Kate, with the gorgeous cover and the jaw-droppingly (that is now a word) boring story…

What adaptations are you most excited about this year?


2 thoughts on “2014 and Book-to-Movies

  1. Most excited for The fault in our stars, a little afraid of the VA movie, really hope they haven’r screwed it up.
    Ugh, I heard at some point that there was a cast announced for Fallen, but sort of hoped it was just a nightmare. Got all 4 books as a present but couldn’t even get through the first one and now it just annoys me that it’s piling up.

    1. Haha I’m the exact opposite! I loved all the VA previews, and I’m looking forward to it because even if it turns out to be inaccurate, it seems like it’ll have good acting and lots of fun. Besides, the books only got really gripping later on. I’m worried about TFIOS, though, and I hope that doesn’t mess up – not a big Shailene fan here lol.
      Oh, yeah, I looked it up and it all seems set. Ugh. I normally wouldn’t say this but what a waste of a good production unit. They could be making a movie of a better book :/ I can’t understand what the story has to offer in the least. Oh, wow, that must suck! At least I borrowed a friend’s device and read an e-version – I couldn’t even go on past the first chapter. Maybe you could give it away? Sites like Book Mooch might help there.

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