The Young Elites & Fangirling

Let’s not discuss my absence. It’s a long story involving short vacations, a crazy wedding, and graduation. What matters is that I’m back! Ha, no, what matters is Marie Lu’s The Young Elites.

You heard me.

This cover was released quite recently, and it spurred my dormant love for the not-yet-released series. That’s another long story too, but here’s the gist. I was sort of obsessed with Pinterest the past two months, chiefly because I discovered Marissa Meyer’s account. And then I stumbled onto Marie Lu’s. And then I found… The Young Elites board. I’d already heard mentions of the series off Marie’s tumblr, but nothing is quite so exciting as this little collection of inspiration. One browse through the gorgeous board and I was sold hook, line, and sinker. I loved Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy, and despite the fact that I thought it didn’t end as well as it could’ve, her writing is absolutely explosive, and her characters are amazing. And then you tell me she’s writing fantasy in a  “Renaissance-like” setting? All my dreams have come true!

Here’s the Goodreads description for it:

“Some hate us, think us criminals to hang at the gallows. Some fear us, think us demons to burn at the stake. Some worship us, think us divine children of the gods.

But all know us.”

Adelina Amouteru is a survivor of the blood plague: marked by a jagged scar, snow-white hair and lashes. Cast out by her family, Adelina has finally found a place to belong within the secret society of Young Elites. To some, the Elites are heroes, here to save innocents in desperate situations. But to the Inquisition Axis, the white-robed soldiers of Kenettra, they are monsters with demonic powers who must be brought to justice. As Adelina learns more about this perilous world where politics and magic clash, she soon realizes that her own powers may be in danger of bringing on an era of panic such as the world has never seen.

The new series, set in what Putnam described as a “Renaissance-like world,” is called The Young Elites. It follows three rival societies with supernatural powers battling for supremacy.

The first book in the series is set for fall 2014.

And Marie’s Pinterest board description:

THE YOUNG ELITES is my new, upcoming YA series (the first book comes out in Fall 2014 from Putnam/Penguin Books). It’s set in a fantasy, Renaissance-like world where magic is new and misunderstood, and where societies of dangerous young people with supernatural powers battle for supremacy. Think X-Men meets Assassin’s Creed 2 meets Game of Thrones. (At least, that’s the goal!)

I am super super stoked for the first book, which releases October 7th this year. What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “The Young Elites & Fangirling

    1. Ooh, you definitely should. It wasn’t /great/ but I still liked it.
      Haha the only reason I know about it is my unnatural tendency to creep when it comes to authors’ Pinterest accounts xD

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