An Announcement.

Yes, yes, you are all probably outraged at my irregularity. Or you just don’t care, ha. But here’s what I said on Goodreads, and that’s what I’ll say here too. Writing reviews is great fun. It’s wonderful to deconstruct what I like or didn’t like about a book. But if I’m completely honest, writing fiction is breathtaking. It’s a whole world just for yourself. When I’m in my own world, it’s hard to pull myself out, and nothing does that quite so efficiently as a book in a completely different genre. Ehh.

Here’s the thing, I review YA. That’s not all I read, but it’s what I like to review. What I write is predominantly fantasy, and it definitely doesn’t have the same feel as the latest YA PNR. Fiction writing is what I really, really want to do, so when I’m on a kick I do my best to keep up the momentum. If that means not reading too much YA, so be it.

What I hate is disappointing you by not reviewing. I hope you’ll all understand why I need this little sabbatical. Thank you for every like, every comment. It’s great to ramble about books and know that someone’s listening! I might start a livejournal just to put my thoughts down, or to share bits of my writing. If I do, you’ll definitely get the link first. Again, thank you. ❤


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