News from Stuti: Ch-ch-ch-changes!


Hello, cyber-friends!

As you can see, the good ol’ blog has undergone an entire makeover. Turns out I am not as atrocious at HTML as I thought. Huzzah! I hope you like the kitties on the home page. It took me a long time to find those. Have some more literary cats.

This new layout is just making me really excited about blogging – which is a problem, considering my finals are next week. Oops. To celebrate my sudden enthusiasm, I came up with a new feature for the blog, all by my lonesome!



Up Till Dawn Reading will basically be a tagline thing I attach to reviews or posts about books when they kept me up all night. On some, I’ll talk about why they kept me up, that kind of thing. And I’ll do regular Up Till Dawn Reading posts listing the books that kept me up even if I don’t review them.

I’m super excited about all this new stuff, and I hope you are too! Let me know what you think of the new look and the feature in the comments.

Stuti xx


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