Ten Bookish Problems I Have

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

With endless love for books comes tragic readers’ problems. I’m pretty sure all of us readers share several of those problems – overflowing TBR pile, for one. Here are my ten bookish problems.

  1. Living in Narnia. The bookstores where I live are stacked to the ceiling! With Hush, HushThe Mortal Instruments, and John Green (not that there’s anything wrong with John Green). The books I want are never, ever available in bookstores, which means I read an inordinate amount of eBooks. I order books online, but then we have the problem of ridiculously overpriced hardcovers. I just can’t win.
  2. Too Broke for Books. We’ve all been here, right? I want nothing more than to splurge on books all the time, but my parents would probably kick me out. No, Mom, I can’t get it at the library.
  3. That Endless TBR. Really, I’ve given up thinking I can whittle my TBR down to less than a hundred. No, it’s always going to be massive. Yes, I’m still going to complain that I don’t have enough to read.
  4. Lack of sleep. This is a serious problem for me, because I hate putting books down and it’s way too easy for me to stay up. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve stayed glued to a book till 2 am, often going to bed with a tearstained pillow. I have zero restraint when it comes to books.
  5. Expectations. Really, when I go out into the world expecting a beautiful college experience and a sizzling romance, I will know exactly who – or what – to blame. Books have given me ridiculous expectations about everything from exotic travel destinations to boyfriends. The real world is going to chew me up and spit me out.
  6. That Book Just Isn’t Right. You know the feeling, when you’re looking for a book to read and you pick one up and start reading… and then you go through the first few pages of about ten different books because nothing feels right. Unless I’m in the right mood, I won’t be able to read a lot of books. And then there’s the sudden reread cravings – so often I hunt for a book I’ve read just to read a particular scene and then I put it down when I’m done and feel empty inside.
  7. Bookmarks. I haven’t had this problem in a while because I read physical books way too rarely, but I can never keep a bookmark. And I have loads of really pretty ones! But when I’m reading, I end up either just memorising the page number – which I’ve been doing since I was an obsessive kid who hated dog-ears – or stuffing random pieces of paper in as markers. Come to think of it, my longest-lasting bookmarks are… boarding passes.
  8. Fanfiction Haters. So, I’ve read and written fanfiction (chiefly Harry Potter) and I am absolutely not ashamed of it. I know there are some authors who are uncomfortable with it and I guess I’d respect their wishes, but that doesn’t mean I would ever demean a work of fanfiction. People attach a ridiculous stigma to fanfic, which is sad because some of it is gorgeously written and has such a depth of understanding, of both character and setting. So many fanfic writers use it as a way to hone their writing skills – just like with RPs – and I really hate when people look down on it. It’s a form of art to me, just the same as, say, fanart. It takes effort, dedication, research – and it shows how much the source material has impacted you. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.
  9. Out of touch with reality. Really, that’s me in a nutshell, and my parents are always on at me about it. It’s definitely because my head is stuck in a book. Not, of course, that I regret it.
  10. Reading in a moving vehicle. Yes, I know it’s bad for my eyes, but that’s not my problem. I get terrible headaches when I read in moving vehicles – cars, buses, planes, anything except a train – unless I have headphones in. And during road trips I will inevitably be asked to stop listening to music and socialise. Which doesn’t really allow for reading either.

So there you have it, ten of my bookish problems. Share your bookish problems in the comments!


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