Top Ten Books From My Childhood I Want to Revisit

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Honestly, kids’ books were the best. Most aren’t near-copies of each other, all are allowed to have ridiculous premises, none are so heavy on romance that they have no plot… Good thing I have a Goodreads shelf for this one, or I’d never shut up. Here are ten childhood faves of mine that I really need to reread.

  1. Artemis Fowl. I adored this series from the very beginning. And even though the last book made me seriously distraught, I could really use a dose of Eoin Colfer’s fabulous high-tech fairies.
  2. The Thief Lord. I had a thing for Cornelia Funke and I’ve always had a thing for Venice – so this book was like a kid dream come true. With the bonus of a band of lovable orphans! Also, I discovered that The Thief Lord has a film adaptation starring teenage Aaron Johnson. What more reason for going back to this one?
  3. Septimus Heap. This series was like my rebound once I was done with Harry Potter. And I still do appreciate the imagination that has clearly gone into Angie Sage’s writing – it spawned a dozen copycat story kernels in my young mind. I haven’t read the last book yet, too, so a reread is in order before I get there.
  4. The Power of Five. I remember when my entire middle school was devouring this series alongside Percy Jackson, and I still adore these books. They’re dark, disturbing, and violent, very Horowitz. ‘Childish’ is the last descriptor I’d use for this series, so it’ll be much easier to come back to.
  5. Which Witch? Ah, how I loved this. I’m pretty sure there’s a fairytale retelling in here somewhere. Worth the reread to find out!
  6. The Star of Kazan. You can never have too much Ibbotson. This book started my obsession with Lipizzaners.
  7. Journey to the River Sea. I regret nothing. I still remember getting this as a Christmas present when I’d asked for, like, walkie-talkies or something. But this was so much better.
  8. Lion Boy. Because I (still) wish I could talk to cats.
  9. Matilda. Really, would this list be complete without Roald Dahl? Matilda was my favourite person ever.
  10. Molly Moon. Hypnotism and time travel. Need I say more?

Which of your childhood books do you miss?


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Books From My Childhood I Want to Revisit

  1. Artemis Fowl, all the way. I actually don’t care much for children’s lit (never really have – even as a, you know, child), but everything about Artemis Fowl made me love reading again at a time when I was bored with the selections provided to me (which is why I never liked children’s lit). It was kinda dark, as far as I remember, at least in comparison to whatever else was out there at the time. I think I only got about 2 or 3 books in, though.

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