Six Wishes I’d Ask the Bookish Genie to Grant Me

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 4.29.10 pm

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Everyone knows the only way to get around a genie’s rules is by cheating, so there’s going to be some of cheating on this list. Here are wishes I’d beg the bookish genie to grant me.

  1. Magical ARCs for everything on this shelf. Including the ones that haven’t been written yet. Hey, it’s a genie, okay?
  2. A Harry Potter prequel. That short story about James and Sirius? So not enough.
  3. For the next A Song of Ice and Fire (i.e. The Winds of Winter) book to release in 2016. I’m guessing the genie will need extra power to accomplish this. In fact, if this was the only wish I got, I’d be pretty happy.
  4. To meet Anthony Horowitz once before I die, just to shake my fist and say, “Why, Anthony, why?” and promptly burst into tears.
  5. To erase Twilight-related anti-YA stigma from every single human ever. Actually, all anti-YA stigma. I’m sick of that. (Wow, I’m surprised I found a not-entirely-selfish thing to ask!)
  6. For all my previous wish-related TTTs to come true (like the author duos one, the meet-an-author one…how devious.)

What wishes would you ask the bookish genie to grant you?


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