Top Five New Year Resolutions, 2016

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone’s ringing in 2016 with some great reads, because I have my eye out for some amazing ones. Since I finish high school this year (!!!) I have a whole bunch of bookish challenges to tick off my list in my very long summer vacation. Here are some of them!

  1. Read 365 books. That’s almost a book a day; I know this year is a leap year, but I’m giving myself one day off. I plan on taking this reading challenge very, very seriously. Daily routine may have to be foregone, but it is on.
  2. Diversify my life. I’m talking all sorts of diversity: more POCs, more LGBTQIA+, more disabled characters, you name it.
  3. High fantasy kick. It’s time to finally polish off the classic high fantasy that everyone and their mothers have read. I’m talking Gormenghast, Obernewtyn, Poison Study, more Brandon Sanderson…I am going to fully embrace my favourite genre.
  4. Read the books I own. Before buying new ones. Gotta get rid of that bad habit.
  5. Review twice a week! I used to review more than once a week, but of course school takes up a lot of my time. I plan on upping my review game as soon as that’s done with.

What are your bookish resolutions for this year?


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