Top Five Futuristic Settings I’d Like To See

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

YA sci-fi is pretty dystopian-oriented, which was nice for about the first five novels. After that, not so much. I really, really want to see some of these on the YA shelves:

  1. Cyberpunk. Some novels come close for me (Illuminae, for instance), but most of the cyberpunk YA I’ve read don’t end up working for me.
  2. Solarpunk. Granted, this is a relatively new concept, but I think we could get some great YA reads out of this. Perfect departure from the overused dystopian!
  3. A space opera novel with interplanetary politics. I’m thinking Inherit the Stars, but I didn’t like that book so much. Perhaps something along the lines of the explosive, awesome Starkillers Cycleor more Red Rising-like books?
  4. Worlds with aliens. This is sort of an add-on to the previous one, but if you’re going to have interplanetary sci-fi you might as well go the extra mile. I mean, it’s mathematically probable. And we have weird fantasy creatures all the time! Weird sci-fi creatures isn’t that alien a concept. Pun intended.
  5. Digital realities. I know there are some of these (Under the Never Sky touches upon this, IIRC) but I’d love to see more.

There’s a whole galaxy of technological possibilities out there! Let’s not just go for the typical dystopian or the occasional zombie apocalypse movie, okay?


2 thoughts on “Top Five Futuristic Settings I’d Like To See

  1. I am really digging the post-apocalyptic atompunk/retrofuturistic vibe of Fallout and would love to see that in a novel. I think a nuclear apocalypse is very Cold War, and people have largely moved past it in the past 20-30 years in favor of zombies or high concept gadgets/arena tournaments/climate change wrecking the world. It could feel very fresh with the right spin though, all things being cyclical.

    Having you read Ready Player One? There’s a bit of a retrofuture vibe to that book as well, except it’s 1980s instead of 1950s.

    Personally, I just want a pro-science trend to kick off. The Martian and Interstellar are great examples of “science as the solution” stories instead of “science is the enemy”. I think some sci-fi YA future where science has improved lives instead of created unethical cloning, ruined peoples lives with VR and surveillance, made mutant animals or AI that took over, etc, would be very welcome.

    1. Definitely – I’m quite fond of nuclear apocalypses myself. And I have Ready Player One on my TBR list!
      I’m 100% with you on the pro-science thing. I really don’t like that science is so often written as a tool for evil (which of course it can be), but not balanced with its immense benefits too.

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