About Me

I’m Stuti, and I’m really bad at about pages. I’m a nineteen year old college student forced by the cruelties of today’s society to subsist on eBooks, because the bookstores where I live just don’t love me. (Shoutout to college libraries, though.) I’m an unashamed feminist, and I probably have too many opinions for my own good. I hope you can bear my rambling and nitpicking—I promise I will gift you with cookies! I am also not very good at keeping promises, and I have a tendency to eat any and all cookies placed in my surroundings. This blog is a desperate tactic of mine to get myself to review the books I read.

Warning: my reviews may or may not become incomprehensible at some point for rage/joy.

Disclaimer: all graphics made on Recite.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. misskutts says:

    Your blog rox my sox.
    Jkjk but it does.
    Thought I’d come embarrass you out of love. Not bad Stu, your reviews are pretty ruthless but also super entertaining! Quite interesting even for a non-regular reader such as myself. Keep it up gurl

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