Review Policy

All the reviews here are my own opinions, and I try to be as honest and as polite as I can. I try not to include spoilers in my reviews, but if I can’t avoid them, there will be a spoiler alert warning. If I forget to include a spoiler warning, feel free to tell me. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas in the comments!

I write reviews depending on whether or not I have something to say about a book—often, I might love one or hate one, but if I can’t articulate what I’m feeling, then I’m unlikely to put up a review. If you want me to review a book or if you have a recommendation, I suggest you reach me via Goodreads, or comment on a post.

I accept both digital and physical copies for review. If you have any queries on the subject, you can email me at I cannot guarantee a full-length or positive review of copies sent to me by authors or publishers, and reserve the right to turn down a review copy.

The star ratings are based on my own scale:

★★★★★ – I absolutely loved it. Few flaws, great characters, gripping plot.
★★★★ – Great—I really liked it! Noticeable flaws, but very enjoyable all the same.
★★★ – Liked it. There were some things I disliked, though, probably discussed in the review.
★★ – Did not like it, aka The Land of Meh.
★ – Really didn’t like it.


One thought on “Review Policy

  1. Hello,
    I am Valentina Linz, writer of YA in the Portuguese language.
    My first book is being translated into English, and will be divided into two volumes. It is an adaptation and mix of classic fairy tales for these days. The protagonist is a fairy godmother who does not know she is one. The provisional title is The Villainess of History.
    I saw that you have a book review blog and a lot of followers. I would like to know if you would like a copy for review, no commitment of compliments.
    I believe I will have the translation revised in up to 2 months, and I am organizing the people who will receive this copy in e-book format.
    Thanks for reading,
    Valentina Linz

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